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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Status of 2014 New Haven homicide cases

Police ask anyone with information to call them at 203-946-6304. Calls can be made anonymously.

Athiyan Sivakumar
Date of incident: Jan. 19
Weapon: Blunt force trauma
Case status: Total of three arrests made, one for first-degree manslaughter.
Crime location 71 Weybossett St.

Description: Sivakumar was being babysat by Kinjal Patel when she allegedly shook him and pushed him to the floor after he became fussy about eating, according to police. He was taken to the hospital and died three days later.

Sivakumar's parents were charged with risk of injury and interfering with police after they allegedly lied to detectives and violated a service agreement with the Department of Children and Families that barred them from using babysitters pending further investigation into a previous incident.

Durell Patrick Law
Age: 20
Date of incident: Jan. 20.
Weapon: Gun
Case status: Unsolved
Crime location: 130 Eastern St.

Description: Law was shot and killed in the afternoon on Eastern Street. He was the first gun violence homicide victim of the year in the city.

The homicide was the third in a row on the Eastern side of the city, something which up until a couple of months before Law's killing was a rarity.
Law's family urged anyone with information to come forward to police.

Varnouard Hall
Age: 33
Date of incident: Jan. 31
Weapon: Gun
Case status: Unsolved
Crime location: Intersection of East Pearl Street and Pierpont Street.

Description: Hall was shot and killed at the intersection of East Pearl Street and Pierpont Street, possibly in a drive-by incident.
About 60 people attended a vigil at the spot where Hall was killed a couple of days after the incident. He was remembered as a someone who helped steer friends and family members in the right direction.

Kyle Brown-Edwards
Age: 22
Date of incident: Feb. 10
Weapon: Gun
Case status: Unsolved
Crime location: 31 Kossuth St.

Description: Brown-Edwards was shot in the head at his residence at 31 Kossuth St.

His older brother, Dennis Carr Jr., was shot and killed in 1997 one city block away from where Brown-Edwards was shot. Brown-Edwards, then 5-years-old, wrote a letter, which was read in court.

“Why did that boy kill my brother?” Edwards’ letter said. “The only time I get to talk to him is just to go to the grave. I tell my mother everything is going to be OK. She may have lost one son, but she has me to watch over her.”

Taijhon Washington
Age: 17
Date of incident: March 24
Weapon: Gun
Case status: Arrest made, case pending.
Crime location: Intersection of Butler Street and Lilac Street.

Description: Washington and his 16-year-old half-brother were shot while walking near the intersection of Butler and Lilac streets. His half-brother survived a gunshot wound to the head, but Washington succumbed to a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police arrested Jeffrey Covington aka "Nephew Jeff" for the killing. A police arrest warrant indicates that the incident may be gang-related, but Washington's relatives said he wasn't involved in gang activity.

Torrence Gamble
Age: 16
Date of incident: April 3
Weapon: Gun
Case status: Unsolved
Crime location: 78 Daggett St.

Description: Gamble became the youngest homicide victim of the year after he was found shot in the head near 79 Daggett St.

He attended the funeral for homicide victim Taijhon Washington, 17, the day before he was shot. Hundreds of people, including Mayor Toni Harp and Superintendent Garth Harries attended Gamble's funeral.

Otis Powell
Age: 44
Date of incident: May 17
Weapon: Gun
Case status: Unsolved
Crime location: 465 Winthrop Ave.

Description: Powell had been found not guilty of assault with intent to murder in Michigan just a couple of weeks before he was shot and killed in New Haven.

Powell was visiting the city, which is where he used to live when he was killed. Police continue to investigate the case.


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