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Friday, April 18, 2014

Jeffrey Covington arrest shows what's easily available on Facebook

Detectives detailed some of their investigatory methods in the lengthy arrest warrant affidavit for Jeffrey Covington.

Some of that included Facebook posts that were open to the public. Detectives were able to track down Covington's alleged Facebook profile under the name "Nephew Jeff" and look back at posts.

Covington is the man in the camouflage jacket, according to the warrant. The post is dated from earlier this year. The other individual holding what appears to be a revolver is a minor known to police and is mentioned in the warrant. Below is another screenshot from the other individual's account. It is dated a little more than a week after the homicide.

Below is another screenshot from the Nephew Jeff Facebook account mentioned in the warrant. Covington is an alleged member of the R-2 gang.


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