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Friday, April 11, 2014

Comment on Torrence Gamble's death

I found this interesting comment on the main article about Torrence Gamble Jr.'s funeral service. Many people will say that decades ago problems were at worst solved with fists and then everyone went home after. Police are still investigating leads on Gamble's death and the motive behind his shooting.

Read more about conflict resolution here.

Common_Tator wrote:

"As I drove past the memorial yesterday I couldn't help thinking how senseless this was. Was he being robbed? What could a 16 year old kid have that you need that badly, did he say something to you in school that day? If you're that mad, that's what your fists are for ONLY after you talk or at least try to talk to him and make sure you heard right. How are you going to fix it if you find out tomorrow he wasn't even talking about you? Guns are way too final. When they find you (and Esserman's guys have been doing a good job lately) you're going to have a whole different attitude than you have right now."


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