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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homicide Victims: Michael Fernandez and Marquis Sumler

Michael Fernandez
Victim: Michael Lawrence Fernandez, 32, of 55 Weybossett Street, New Haven

Victim: Marquis Sumler, 25, of New Haven

Date: Jan. 29, 2011

Time: Around 9:30 p.m.

Neighborhood: Fair Haven

Marquis Sumler
Location: Inside a riverfront condominium complex at 24 Front Street

Weapon: Gun

Arrests: Samuel Terrell Mabry (3/5/78) of New Haven, arrested July 1, 2011

Michael Ferdandez, 32, and Marquis Sumler, 25, are killed in a shootout at 24 Front St. in an alleged dispute over an all-terrain vehicle. Samuel Mabry (police have also spelled name as Maebry), 33, also wounded in the incident, later is arrested on weapons-related charges. Police say he killed one of the victims during an exchange of gunfire. Police also say a second killer is involved.

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